We work with the best minds from groundbreaking companies.
Our software engineering expertise gives them the space to experiment and conduct research, dream, grow and excel.


Simplify your IT

We believe in simplicity. It leads to simpler code and more maintainable systems that stand up to the times. This way, we can best help our customers to achieve their goals. Our coding is simple, elegant and smart.

From 100k to 15k lines of Code

Our focus on what we must achieve and a profound understanding of your business guarantees a smarter and more efficient code. That's what we call codemanship.

Java, Kotlin & Scala

With 20 years of experience, we are renowned specialists in Java and Scala. We recently tackled Kotlin for backend development. We contribute to diverse open-source projects and present at numerous conferences.


The DevOps movement bridges the gap between developers and operations. Our experts will support you with implementing, auditing and improving this mindset throughout your organisation.


We build custom dashboards, websites and responsive web applications to get an insight into the large systems you run, provide business intelligence and improve communication.

Big data

We have the expertise to provide an architecture for Big Data. We also use machine learning and artificial intelligence frameworks to help create value.

Machine learning

We design and implement intelligent systems that learn and improve over time.

System integration

We help you transform your IT landscape, bridging the gap between your legacy and new applications. Together, we make your IT systems sustainable, cutting edge, communicative and cost effective.

Test automation

We automate testing and make sure test are running prior to deployment. We also take care of writing test scenarios.

Expertise & Services


It is only if we respect each other that we can feel safe to experiment, make mistakes and learn from each other.

Personal responsibility

We’re all adults and, therefore, we own our mistakes. We work diligently and we’re proactive if we see things aren’t going well.


We share information. We are honest. We help others to be successful.

Personal growth

We strive to be more than just good coders. We expand our horizons by reading, studying, experimenting and interacting with others.


We realise that we work with limited information and limited experience in a difficult domain. We don’t aim for personal achievements; we aim to provide value together.


We write high-quality code because we know that poor quality code is expensive and harmful for organisations. We continuously perfect our art.

our culture

We cultivate an atmosphere of knowledge, professionalism and efficiency to contribute to your growth and the one of our organisation. We encourage you to follow this direction, but we are not forcing you.

Kateryna Olenkovska

Quality Assurance Engineer

“High-quality software for me means not only that it works, but also that it is readable and easily maintainable.”

our offices

We have about 120 employees located across the Netherlands, France and Belgium, comprising many different nationalities, more female representation than average and a plethora of opinions. Diversity is well represented at Lunatech.




Our Partners

Be competitive Now and in the Future

Together, we make your IT systems sustainable, evolutive, communicative and cost effective.



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