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About Us

Lunatech was founded in 1993 as an IT consulting, product research and development team. We specialise in custom solutions with emphasis on integration of diverse information systems. We have intimate knowledge of both Java and Scala. We don’t tie ourselves to specific technical solutions. This allows us to offer customer and project-focused solutions. Through the use of embedded teams we understand the customer’s needs better and we are able to reduce the time to complete modifications.

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Our Services

Scala Expertise

We are Scala Experts and have been working with Scala and related technologies for years.

Systems Integration

We make sure to consolidate and simplify your existing information systems while adding extra features.

Java Expertise

We are Java experts and have been working with it for decades. We contributed to a lot of Java open source projects.

Service API

We build Web API and service API that connects your (legacy) systems together.

Our Team

The people who work here are intrinsically interested in IT engineering, in the creative process of finding the best possible solution to meet the customer’s needs. They share so much valuable knowledge, simply because they love sharing it. Please meet a few of them.

Jasper Denkers

Backend developer

Maria Domínguez

Scrum master and backend developer

Vincent Grente

Operations Director

Erik Bakker

Technical Director

From Our Blog


  • by Andrea Giugliano
  • 19-07-2018

Curry On Amsterdam 2018 was a pretty busy venue! With more than 40 speakers choosing talks to attend was hard. This conference series is a meeting point between academy and industry, and indeed the discussions where interesting and involving.

Dutch Clojure Meetup

  • by Antoine Laffez
  • 05-07-2018

Lunatech hosted the Dutch Clojure Meetup #103 organised by Carlo Sciolla at our Rotterdam offices.  Clojure is an exciting programming language for the JVM. In this Meetup you will learn :

A journey into Joy of Coding 2018

  • by Antoine Laffez
  • 15-06-2018

On the 8th of June, the "Joy of Coding conference” was held in De Doelen, Rotterdam. The format of this conference was completely different from conventional IT conferences. Unlike most of her sisters, Joy of Coding is not dedicated to a programming language or very precise topics such as JVM, Big-data, Cloud etc... This moment is 100% dedicated to developers. 250 of them had the chance to attend.

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  • 87 Employees
  • 118 Succesful projects
  • 126 Open source contributions

    Fun Fact

    At Lunatech, sharing knowledge, tolerance, open source and open-mindedness are core values. That is why Lunatech welcomes more nationalities than other companies.