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Lunatech Simplify your I.T.

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Scala Expertise

We are Scala Experts and have been working with Scala and related technologies for years.

Systems Integration

We make sure to consolidate and simplify your existing information systems while adding extra features.

Java Expertise

We are Java experts and have been working with it for decades. We contributed to a lot of Java open source projects.


We can automatise deployment and manage your software end to end.

Our Team

The people who work here are intrinsically interested in IT engineering, in the creative process of finding the best possible solution to meet the customer’s needs. They share so much valuable knowledge, simply because they love sharing it. Please meet a few of them.

Vincent Grente

Operations Director

Maria Domínguez

Scrum master and backend developer

Erik Bakker

Technical Director

From Our Blog

  • by Vincent Brulé
  • 19-06-2019

In Lunatech, we are experts on Scala and Java. Since last year, we started to expand our field of competence with Kotlin. Our first Kotlin project, Annia, an internal phone book, is made with the Ktor framework for all the backend part.

  • by Kay Kreuning
  • 04-06-2019

This article is an introduction on how to use Twilio’s Guardrail to safely generate and maintain a http4s REST API server. I wanted to write this article as a reference for my future self and others who are interested in this technology.

  • by Andrea Giugliano
  • 26-03-2019

At work a lot of people use Java and the Object Oriented paradigm. The cool thing is that the very same people fill our functional programming Meetups. Most likely they would like to learn this programming paradigm that is little by little changing the Java-universe.

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    Fun Fact

    At Lunatech, sharing knowledge, tolerance, open source and open-mindedness are core values. That is why Lunatech welcomes more nationalities than other companies.