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From Our Blog

Functional Rotterdam-15

  • by Thomas Meijers
  • 19-12-2016

Functional Rotterdam is a meetup held monthly in our Lunatech office about Programming Languages, Scala, Computer programming, Haskell, Functional Programming and Clojure, organized by Vijay Kiran, Team Manager at Lunatech. Thomas Meijers, Software Engineer at Lunatech, presented Free of Interpretation. The presentation was filmed by Celeste Franco (thanks!!).

An Introduction of Finagle by example

  • 28-11-2016

It is a challenging task to build a large-scale web application, there are fundamental characteristics to take into account: for example, efficiency, safety and robustness. Finagle is a asynchronous, Netty based JVM RPC system made by Twitter which makes it easy to build high available clients and servers in Java and Scala. And it can even simplify your application architecture. Here I want to show you how powerful Finagle is.

Functional IO with FS2 Streams

  • by Hari Bageski
  • 14-11-2016

One of the main principles of functional programming is to avoid side-effects. For the most part, working with immutable instances would be sufficient to satisfy that principle. But sometimes it's needed to do some sideeffects e.g. when we want to read from file. One straight-forward way of doing it is to get a `BufferedSource`, and process it using an iterator as shown below.

About Us

Lunatech was founded in 1993 as an IT consulting, product research and development team. We specialise in custom solutions with emphasis on integration of diverse information systems. We have intimate knowledge of both Java and Scala. We don’t tie ourselves to specific technical solutions. This allows us to offer customer and project-focused solutions. Through the use of embedded teams we understand the customer’s needs better and we are able to reduce the time to complete modifications.

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Our Services

Logistics solutions

Lunatech Labs has more than ten years of experience in the logistics world integrating third-parties such as carriers and brokers.

Systems Integration

We make sure to consolidate and simplify your existing information systems while adding extra features.

Web Applications

Lunatech is experienced in building modern, real time, multiplatform applications that fulfill user needs and customer requirements.

Publishing solutions

We believe every publisher is unique, so we offer custom solutions to match your exact needs. Let our expertise work for you.

Our Team

The people who work here are intrinsically interested in IT engineering, in the creative process of finding the best possible solution to meet the customer’s needs. They share so much valuable knowledge, simply because they love sharing it. Please meet a few of them.

  • 23 Nationalities
  • 68 Employees
  • 117 Succesful projects
  • 125 Open source contributions

    Fun Fact

    At Lunatech, sharing knowledge, tolerance. open source and open-mindedness are core values. That is why Lunatech welcomes more nationalities than other companies.

Happy Clients

Lunatech provides Scala expertise to ING

ING Technology and Innovation play a crucial role in the future of ING. A timely correct and stable service offering helps in (remaining) trust with our customers.