We don’t just work on your business problem, we think carefully about the problem we are solving, how we are solving it and why.
We are a technology partner who will understand your business problems and think with you, in order to solve them.


Our passion is to help customers use technology to build and deploy software that solves business problems that matter. We use off-the-shelf software for standard problems; when innovation is needed, we have the creativity and expertise to design and build new solutions.


We get the job done. We know that grand plans and shiny technology aren’t going to surprise, delight and please our customers unless we finish what we start and solve the problem at hand. We make software development projects enjoyable.

We breathe software development

Lunatech is your software development partner. Our technology experts provide architecture and software development services in several industries for large enterprise customers.
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Sdu Uitgevers

Since 1995, Lunatech has designed and built core infrastructure and customer-facing products that allow Sdu to manage, enrich and publish complex information.


For more than a decade, Lunatech has helped UPS automate and manage supply chain operations, integrating UPS partners and providing full supply chain visibility.

Thomas Cook

Lunatech has developed multimedia browser-based applications that process a variety of data and deliver a richer Thomas Cook user experience.

Red Hat

Lunatech and Red Hat are long time partners. Lunatech helps Red Hat’s clients to resolve technical problems and advises on complete Red Hat solutions.


Lunatech provides 2organize team extensions, to build customer-specific IT marketing solutions and integrate them with existing heterogeneous IT systems.